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Hello People!

Today, we Mynas, are reporting for duty at Shail’s Nest. Lady is sick, and apologizes that she cannot possibly write the blog she had in mind, Men and Mothers, which she feels requires an exceptonally fresh and clear mind to write, or else you readers, especially the men among you, will jump at her throat and tear her to pieces. So she says to convey that it’s been shelved for another day. Instead, since the letter today is ‘M’ for the A to Z Challenge, and she could only think of us Mynas to come to the rescue, she has allowed us to take over her page for the day. Yup, apart from Wodehouse and Murakami, she allows dogs, birds and cats to share her page. Since we have nothing much to say, we thought we’ll share our pictures with you all, clicked by the Lady, but of course.

Why do I look angry?

Who wouldn’t be, to be called ‘Common Myna’?! Hrrmph.


I may be called Grey headed Myna, but my grey matter is no more or less.

I have got another name too, Chestnut Tailed Starling.

I am Cleopatra bathing in milk…

Oh well, never mind. I am just a Jungle Myna bathing in a rain puddle.


The lady also apologizes for not being able to do the blog-hop as she is way too tired. She is hoping she will be up and about and not have to call birds with names beginning with N to assist her tomorrow. On that note, we sign off.

The Mynas.