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That’s Luci (as if you didn’t know already!) and Luci’s story can be said in just six words:

We went. We saw. She conquered.

That had been just a few months short of 3 years ago. From then on the story follows the predictable pattern of conquerors anywhere, of enslaving the conquered and ensuring they ever remain so, well and truly conquered, not that the conquered are complaining any. At least one of them is well and truly happy about it and has the sneaking suspicion that the other has now fully succumbed to the conqueror’s charms.

The first time I left Luci was to go to Kaula Lumpur for 10 days. She gave me a rousing welcome, almost toppling me over when I returned (and she was not yet one then). Those days we were staying in a different house and it was not possible for her to see us on our return unless and until we opened the gate and walked up a few steps. But here it is different. She hears the car and can also see it rolling to a stop. One day, the L & M dropped me at a friend’s place closeby and returned home alone. But since I found the friend’s house locked, I just took a shortcut home and was almost there by the time he reached. I could see him get out of the car and open the gate and hear Luci barking her head off. Later the L & M told me, she just wouldn’t let him step inside.


Where’s my Mom? Where’s Mom? Where did you leave her? When you left you both were together?!!!! No, no, NO. I refuse to let you come in till she is home. Mom,, Mom, MOMMM. Are you out there somewhere? Don’t worry, I will guide you home. Hang on Mom. Mai hoon na! (What did I tell you? I have got imagination!)

From then on, if ever the L & M returned without me, this drama would reenact itself. And for all the 6 ft 1 inch of commanding presence he has, he cannot make Luci obey him. Not soon enough. Not until she has pranced all around and barked at him for failing to keep an eye on me and get me home with him. Talk about bossy daughters!


To add fuel to fire, on some days, I hide below the seat and pretend I am not home, just to see her eagerness and let’s face it her cute worried face.

Mom, Mom, Mommmeeeeeeee. WHERE art thou?

It is so much fun to be wanted and missed so much. Unable to stop laughing I open the car door and Luci wags her tail faster, her body quivering with excitement. She licks me in greeting through the bars of the gate and shouts at her Dad to ‘let Momma in, quick if you please!’ Once in, it is a different story. She thinks she has rights to my dupatta/stole and if I am not careful, she will gently slip it off and run all around with it trailing behind her. Have I ever told you how she was always making away with my brassieres, as a pup? I had to regretfully tell her that I couldn’t afford getting her any, however much she tried dropping hints by making off with mine. Humans have only a pair. Just think how many I will need for her at a time, with the many pairs she has. I’d go bankrupt!


There is one thing that makes me sing. I think I have mentioned it elsewhere, but what the heck, will do so again. Whenever we return home, whoever may be with us, even if her Dad is present, she has eyes ONLY for me. Welcoming Mom is her FIRST priority, always. And once I am inside the gate and she has done her bit of ‘I am such a wild dog, wild with happiness because you are home’ she runs off to wedge herself against whoever is unlocking the door and the door itself. She wants to be the first one inside the house. There, she will pick up a toy or her bone, and start doing victory laps round and round the sitting room, as if she had got me home by her single-handed effort. In between she tries to gauge Mom’s level of awareness and tries to make a lunge for the dupatta/stole that she, her Mom that is, has carelessly dumped on the dining room chair.

All this does not mean she does not accord Dad a proper welcome. She does, but, only when he returns by himself without Mom in tow. The evening time has special significance for her and is inscribed in her mind as THE time her lonely day comes to an end (the times Mom is away and she has to spend the greater part of the day by herself). So even when I am home, she starts getting restless by around 5 p.m. and prefers to sit out in the verandah, waiting eagerly for Dad to get home. (On days that he is out of station, I have to literally drag her inside by 7 or 8 p.m.) The yelps and jumps of welcome accorded to Dad have to be seen to be believed. The only difference is, when it is for me, I am also screaming and joyously yelling along with her, while the L & M tells her to tone it down. Tone it down? I don’t think Luci knows the meaning of that.


She is one high-spirited dog, never afraid to show her feelings. And who is afraid of that? Not me. She can love me all she wants and show it the way she wants, even sing (bark if you please) from the rooftops for the world to hear. What’s love anyway if you cannot let the loved one know in no uncertain terms, “You are loved!”?!!

Today’s topic for L for the A to Z challenge has been a foregone conclusion. In fact if I were to write of something else other than Luci, I’d probably have had a mini-revolution in my hands. You see, Luci is well known all around the world. I am merely her humble servant, content to bask in the Queen’s reflected glory.

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