No, the three aren’t connected in any way, other than the K in the beginning of each word. No, the Kindle hasn’t gone kaboom or kaput. But since the kaboom and kaput happened in my vicinity recently and I do own a Kindle, here they are all strung together, and adorning my blog title.

First let me tell you something about the Kaboom. It descended quite unexpectedly as kabooms do (or else would they be kabooms at all? Profound, what?). Rain is something I have been looking forward to since January. If you remember I had cried on your collective blogger-shoulders about January woes. So when the rain finally fell I was out there with Luci to welcome it. But summer rains inevitably come accompanied by the Rumbler and the Flasher. I wasn’t too concerned as they were rumbling and flashing in a desultory fashion somewhere in the distance, not in tandem at all, instead going freestyle. Flash. Pause. Rumble. Pause Pause. Rumble. Flash Flash. Suddenly out of the blue they changed their asymmetrical steps to come together in a big way and in one single movement caused a Kaboom to happen.

This is where Kaput entered the picture. When kabooms happen can kaputs be far behind? Naturally not. So deferring to the as yet unwritten new urban saying aka #shailsim, kaput went the modem, making the sun set on the World Wide Web as far as I was concerned, leaving just a feeble ray visible via the phone. That’s why I have been missing in action. But rejoice not at my absence dear readers. I am back in action with a brand new modem beside me on the table, its tiny jewel green lights blinking as pretty as could be. Ahh.. the little pleasure of life.

This post was supposed to be all about (and only about) Kindle, but got hijacked by Kaboom and Kaput. So now the rest of the post will be devoted to Kindle. I LOVE my Kindle. Reading has gone up in leaps and bounds since the Kindle has arrived (a gift from the First Born) on the scene. I can read the biggest tome with ease, even carry a whole library with me wherever I go. It is indeed one of THE best things that has happened to me. Period. You will find a lot many people dissing Kindle, and going lyrical over paper books, claiming they are superior. Of course each to his/her own. But do you have to pull down a thing to show how much you love something else? We see a lot of that all around us in many forms. If you love something very much it is not enough to state that and be done with it. You have to pull the ‘other’, whatever it maybe, down, to feel better about your own choices and give it legitimacy. How pathetic is that?!

The battle between paper books and e-books raises another question for me. What is valued more, is it the paper on which content is printed, or the content itself? It is content that gives paper any value at all. Without it, paper is NOTHING, except something to wipe your nether regions with perhaps. Content is never made up because there is lot of paper lying around. It is never, ‘hey let’s write a story, we have lots of paper lying around’. It is more like, ‘We have something to say, what medium can we use?’ In earlier times what needed to be said was transmitted orally. Stones, leaves, cloth have all played their part. Then paper made its entrance. Do you think it is going to stop there? Not a chance. The next form has made its appearance whether anyone likes it or not. I have my answer regarding this:  I value content more and I am thrilled to have it on Kindle.

By the way the unthinkable happened today. The Kindle fell off my hands and was all poised for a Kersplat. That’s another K for you. But my luck held and I didnot have to use that word in today’s post. Phew.