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When I see the lavish weddings happening around me, I am left wondering just WHAT the celebration is for. I mean, so you have found yourself a partner with whom you want to spend the rest of your life or in the case of arranged marriages, the parents have found one and are licensing the pair to live together. It is between you and your partner, and those close to you. WHAT is there to crow about it in such gargantuan scale?

I have never really understood the relevance of extravagant weddings just because two young people are about to start a life. Good wishes and blessings from near and dear ones, yes, but the pomp and show, no. Isn’t a wedding only the first step in a long journey, yet to be traveled together? The road, as yet not walked upon, still stretches ahead of them, to be taken one step at a time. And here we are celebrating like nobody’s business without even a single milestone having been reached.

The way I feel, the time for celebration arrives when you have successfully spent time together for some years and, what comes next is extremely important, you feel you want to continue staying together. If I had my way, the celebration and parties would come at the end, not the beginning. Throw a party for having lived together in harmony for, say 25 years, or even 10 years. Now that would be a solid reason for festivities. But then, that is just me.

Today morning I read about the wedding of Reema Kallingal, the Malayalam cine actor and film director Aashiq Abu (link). They have apparently been living together for some time now, and yesterday they had a simple wedding at the Registrar’s with close family members and friends. Of course I don’t know for sure how much of all that I read is the truth. But the news item said that they both had decided earlier on, not to have a lavish wedding and instead donate the wedding expense for a noble cause. Accordingly, they donated Rs 10 lakh towards the welfare of poor cancer patients at the general hospital here and also gave Rs 25,000 to meet a day’s expense of the dietary kitchen at the hospital (link)

Well, here is a wedding after my own heart. I think it is a wonderful thing they did. It is anyways better than wining and dining already well-fed people (half of who you don’t even know), who all have the ability to buy thousand such meals on their own, not to mention the exchange of unnecessary gifts which are then dumped in some dark room never to see the light of day except may be to be recycled as gift in some other wedding later on. Here’s to the pair of them!

NaBloPoMo November 2013