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Moonbeam was my first choice, for a blog name. After all I am a moon-child, born in the zodiac sign of Cancer, and my affinity to the Moon is legendary. But, moonbeamsblog.com was a mouthful, the other members of the think-tank, the junior son and his friend, had opined. Something simple and catchy, something with my name in it, was what it should be, came the suggestion.

Unbelievably so, I don’t remember who exactly among us came up with “shailsnest.com”. Funny, how the exact memory surrounding such an important decision as this, seems to have taken itself off on a permanent holiday, to Timbuktu, in all likelihood. Anyway, Moonbeam’s Blog was unceremoniously dropped and Shail’s Nest it became, the place where I blogged.

However in the present I appreciate just how befitting the name Shail’s Nest is, for a blog of mine, than I had ever before. The realization especially strikes during those times I am stretching over balconies and hanging over boundary walls trying to get that perfect picture of yet another bird. Also the times I am flipping through the many pictures and the times curiosity drives me to look up not just their names, but their habitats and habits as well.

Come to think of it, how many different pictures of the Moon could I have clicked, right?! After all, there is only one Moon, but there are a million birds at a conservative estimate, and an unlimited number of poses that they could (and do) strike which is more than enough for a lifetime, mine I mean.

That does not mean I have parted ways with the Moon. The Moon is ever special to the loony lunar-child, and shall remain so. But, I am yet to capture that perfect shot of the Moon. I am trying. One of these days when I get it right, the Moon is going to adorn the header of this blog. And as for the blog name, Shail’s Nest remains the best choice for someone who has birds for friends. Besides, I know I am no moonbeam.

NaBloPoMo November 2013