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Yes, I am doing the happy dance ever since I completed the Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2013. I did it, I did it, I did it! Yay me! Packing, traveling, vacation time, sight-seeing trips, I let none of these come in my way. For thirty-one days in a row (OMG, thirty-one goddamn days?!), I blogged just the way I usually do, not just pictures, not tiny notes, not for-the-sake-of-it write-ups, in fact, nothing different from what I would otherwise post.

Perhaps at least some of you feel this is nothing to make a song and dance about? Ahh… Then you’d be so wrong. You see there is more than what actually meets the eye here. I rarely ever have survived the third day in ANY attempt at routine. In fact I can safely say I haven’t ever. It is true that I completed the photo challenge I took up in April (link). That was just me taking an easy way out by posting pictures from the pile at my disposal. So this is rather special for me. I actually took up something and saw it through. Oh wow. So, I CAN do that.

It is all because of a friend that I happened to take up UBC challenge. Of course when I told him about it, he asked me what if anything was there to thank him, as I was the one who “did all the hard work”!  I remember that when I had mentioned the challenge to him a month back, he said “I think you should take it up.” Just that. No harping on the topic again and again, no pressure, nothing. I hate it when people do that to me, either in the real or the virtual world, forcing me to a corner, repeatedly asking WHY I wasn’t doing this or that, how I SHOULD do this or that. It really gets on my nerves and has my cells screaming, ‘Leave me alone!!!!!” Anyways, I thanked my friend for the seed he had sown, that germinated and grew into a tree on its own. He did agree that a “Redwood tree” seemed to have grown from it.

So that’s how I came to be a part of this challenge. But of course I would never have heard of it in the first place but for Corinne. She and my fellow participants from the Write Tribe group made this journey a wonderful experience. I know I have not been able to read and comment on a lot of posts. But you all know the reason. Thank you for understanding. I am happy that in spite you have all regularly dropped in, read and commented here. So, here’s to you, fellow “Tribe-rs”!

Unfortunately I have also not been able to visit and read as many newer blogs as I would have wished, but I am still happy that I made some new blogger-friends via this challenge. May be the next time it would be different. Oh yes, now that I have done this once, I am definitely up for another round of daily blogging challenge. From Where she jumps in without a thought (link) to Where she does a happy dance has been one helluva journey. For that I gotta thank UBC hostesses Michele Scism & Michelle Shaeffer. The next one is in October. Last but never the least, all the regulars here, thank you for returning, challenge or no challenge.

The picture above shows all my winged friends who have been waiting anxiously and patiently, for me to be done with the challenge, for their portfolios to be made. They must be madly cheering now. The Lady is done with the challenge. Yaaay! 😉