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“What are you having for breakfast?”

“So, you have everything for lunch and snacking during the day? Sure?!”

“What shall I get you today? What do you feel like eating?”

“Don’t take too many pictures. Okay?”

“What did you do during the day? You weren’t bored?”

“You shouldn’t be eating cheesecake! But it is okay, you are on holiday. Don’t go back home and continue eating sweet things!”

“Who is your this friend of yours who is coming to visit you?”

“Want a smoothie?”

“Which fruits do you want? Take whichever you like.”

“Are you walking? Hmm, no?!”

“You are out of breath climbing this incline?! You are so out of shape! You should start exercising!”

“Any memento you want to buy?”

“Ohh you are not feeling well? Are you taking your medicines regularly?”

“Enough of clicking now.”

“When you go back to India you are going to start walking and report to me every day.”

“Still at the computer? You have to get enough sleep you know!”

“Take whatever you want and stop worrying about how much it costs! I will tell you if it’s too costly.”

“You are going to open a google document when you get back and I am going to check on your progress (walk)!”

“How old are you? Fifty-four? That is no age for not being fit!”

I am secretly laughing at this role-reversal. 😉