I have been known to do crazy things, not very many because being miss-goody-two-shoes all my life I have always trodden the straight and narrow path, but just a few, and most of them so harmless and full of joy that only the stuffed-shirts could ever have objected to them. Come to think of it, I have actually done none as crazy as what I am going to start doing today. No wonder Mr. Kingfisher above is all in a tizzy.

Isn’t it only the other day that I wrote (link) about being a bohemian of sorts, unable to stick to any routine? Yet here I am jumping right into the fire as it were and willingly too. For someone who refuses to be pinned down to anything I am taking the BiiiiiiG plunge joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge (link) and undertaking to write a post for thirty-one days. Did I just say, t.h.i.r.t.y o.n.e days? Hmm….I must be crazier than I thought, especially when this is exactly the month when I had planned to take a blogging break as travel looms large.

Everyone who knows me also knows what I say about my writing, that anything I write, writes itself. Be it stories, verse, humor posts, rants, or the aimless ramblings, they all write themselves. In fact sometimes when I go back and read them I gasp, ‘Gorblimey! WHO the hell wrote this? Not me, surely?!’ The surprise is genuine. How could I ever have thought up and written the stuff? I mean, after all these years of cooking, I don’t even know when the rice is done to perfection. It either gets overdone or isn’t cooked enough, except on rare days. So how could I ever know what to write? Okay, no need of wise guys (or gals) coming up with observations that cooking and writing are not related. I do know that. Speaking figuratively, you know.

What happens usually is some fragment of a sentence or thought comes to mind and I sit and start typing (no pen/pencil for me, thank you) and that creates itself into a whole piece. I swear I have nothing to do with it. Or at least that is how I feel. For such a person having to write something daily is a mind-bogglingly difficult task. And I can tell you the mind does boggle some over it, and ties itself into knots going, “OMG, don’t tell me you gonna write without any fragment of thought having spontaneously occurred to you?!” It wrings imaginary hands and wails, “Egad, you wanna force yourself to write?! Think again. This is gonna be a tough proposition, you know!

Now, that came as a bugle call to me. “Oh so YOU dear Mind of Mine think I cannot do tough jobs? You think I am still that staid girl who does only what everyone tells her to? You think your boggling will scare me and make me scuttle back to my corner and stick to things that I have always been doing? Tchah, to you. I AM gonna do this!” Sigh, I just made that all up to cheer myself. I am actually quaking in my boots wondering if I will be able to complete this. Alright, I am in making-things-up mood today. I am not quaking and I don’t have boots either. I only asked my friend and he thought I should indeed take this up, that I can do it. And I thought, this will teach me a little bit of writing discipline that I so lack these days.

So here I am.