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Me: Stop it right now!
Wall 1: Stop what?
Me: Spinning!
Wall 2: Spinning?!!
Me: You are all spinning
Wall 1: Excuse me. We are not doing anything of the sort.
Me: You are too! And making me nauseous!
Wall 3: Gee… Wouldn’t that be fun?! I wish I could do what she says. Go round and round and round….
Wall 4: Shut up! Going round and round indeed! All we ever do is stand in one place. And that’s all we’ll do till the day we die. (looks morose)
Me: Stop it. Stop dancing the shimmy you lot.
Wall 1: There she goes again. What has come over her?
Wall 2: Dancing the shimmy indeed. Solid, respectable wallizens like us! (rolls eyes)
Me: OMG. Someone make them stop. I am gonna throw up if they don’t.
Wall 1: (in alarm) Not on me, you won’t!
Wall 2: We don’t even have that darn paint on us that Saif Ali Khan is promoting. Just wipe it off and all that…
Wall 3: Geee….. She has turned a wonderful pastel green. I wish I could be that green.
Wall 4: Shut up! What’s wrong with the color we are?!
Wall 2: (pityingly) She has started seeing things. I knew she’d go off her onion one day.
Wall 3: (tearfully) Me? Do you mean ME?
Wall 2: I am talking of the lady, not you! (rolls eyes)
Me: I hate you guys. I don’t know why you are doing this to me. Please, please, please stop. I beg of you. Can’t you stay still?
Wall 1: (rolls eyes) Lady, we know you are crazy. But we never knew you were this crazy.
Me: (sobs) Please anyone, make them stop. I can’t take this any longer! I will throw up!
Wall 2: OMG she has turned quite pale.
Wall 1: OMG OMG OMG. She has puked all over me!
Wall 3: Oh no no no. Oh my pretty wall face is all ruined!
Wall 4: Shut up!
Wall 2: Do you think she could be right after all? Have we been moving and tormenting her?
Wall 1: OMG, could we have been dancing the shimmy, as she called it?
Wall 3: Geee….! What fun! Shall we try again and see it for ourselves?
Wall 4: Shut up! We have done nothing of the sort. She has vertigo. She needs a doctor.
Me: (looking suitably chagrined) OMG! That’s what it is! My sincere apologies, Walls 1,2,3 and 4! I am off to see a doctor.