I am too numb to add anything. I just have a question: Is it that one organ that men have dangling between their legs that makes some of them feel superior and invincible, because they can use it to “punish” and “shame” women?

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

The 23 year old bus rape victim is in extreme pain, and on ventilator and still very, very critical. She had regained consciousness for a while and conveyed to  her parents – who are by her side, that she was in pain. ‘The doctors at Safdarjung hospital say they have never come across a patient with such horrific injuries.’ [Read more at: Link]

One of the rapists claims he lost control because the rape victim was fighting back.

Delhi gang rape case: Main accused went berserk after victim bit him

Ram Singh, 33, the prime accused in Sunday’s gang rape, is a volatile man, known among friends as “Mental,” … he lost control

“When she resisted and bit his hand, he says, he got very angry. Alcohol and the victims’ defiance, made him go berserk. He picked up a rod and hit the two everywhere. His accomplices followed…

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