One week since the New Year HAS dawned and not a blog on Shail’s Nest?! Tch… tch… tch… What a sad state of affairs. Right? But then is there anything you can do when your gray cells of which you are justifiably proud leave you in the lurch, miffed perhaps, but unfairly so, for all the spinning they have been subjected to?! As a result, fingers, nippy little thingamabobs when it comes to tap-dancing on the keyboard, skidded and with none to guide, braked to a sudden halt, unsure of the next move in dance steps. Sigh, a pretty situation to be in.

The end of Twenty Twelve hadn’t been too good for me as far as blogging was concerned. Tennis elbow and other minor ailments regularly intruded keeping me out of the picture for more time than I would have liked. Reading and writing (of blogs) suffered a lot as a result. Actually, I have begun to have this sneaking suspicion that someone out there really, badly, wants me outta here. Hmm… I wonder who that could be whose prayers are being answered?! Whoever they are, looks like it is working. Look how Twenty Thirteen has opened on the wrong note. The eyes and head have joined the protest as well. But…. let us (rather, let me) hope things improve as the year hobbles along. I am not that big a fan of ‘hope’ though. I am someone who prefers to make things happen rather than hinge everything on something called ‘hope’.

There is a quote I had scribbled in one of my high school notebooks (I had this habit of writing a quote I loved, in a neat handwriting, on the first page of each of my school notebooks):  “A pessimist only sees the dark side of the clouds, and mopes. A philosopher sees both sides and shrugs. An optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all — he’s walking on them.” — Leonard L. Levinson  And being in real life, just the sort of optimist that Levinson speaks of, in my mind’s eye, I can only see a Shail tapping away at her keyboard, and a Shail’s Nest crammed from top to bottom with blogs of all shapes, sizes and textures not to mention fragrance, color and taste. Howzzat? Ahhh, that’s a sigh of content you heard escaping me. You see, nothing cheers me up more than the thought of inflicting lot more of my torturous posts on unsuspecting readers. Buhauahahaha!

To my success this year! 😉