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Today is the second born (SB) aka the once-upon-a-time-blue-now-brown-eyed-boy’s birthday. He was home for Diwali but had to leave before his birthday.  No problem about that. We simply opted to move it a couple of days ahead and celebrate by going out for dinner on Diwali day itself. By then he already had his fill of all his favorite dishes cooked by Mom. Besides Mom was exhausted too, cooking for him as also making stuff for him to take to his work place for friends. So Diwali evening found the L & M, SB and I all set for an outing. The L & M was busy with the locking up of the house, something he has to personally do or will never be at peace. So I usually simply leave the closing, checking, re-checking and locking and unlocking of doors to him.

Meanwhile Luci was trying to climb all over me. I tried my best to distract her with sly suggestions of nonexistent cats sitting on existent walls so that I could walk out of the gate without her doing the Mary’s-little-lamb on me. The poor dog in one of its gullible moments fell for my story about cats and went gamboling off to check. I chose the exact moment to quickly slip out of the gate close it behind me. Fooled ya yet again, hyuk hyuk hyuk. She was back in a jiffy of course, giving me a how-could-you-ever-do-this-to-poor-innocent-me look that made me feel a lowly worm indeed. But soon she changed tactics and barked in our general direction a few times. Ninne pinne kandolam (Ha, I’ll see you later on), is the gist of what she said I am sure. After all I had to return in a few hours time and face her.

The SB, who found all these games of subterfuge extremely entertaining, grinned. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, sympathizing with myself. The things I had to do! It is really a tough job to try and leave the house when by myself.  Luci not only tries to trip me with her doggie dance steps, she also tries her level best to take out a few threads from my dress with her overexcited, jumping up and down routine. What I usually do is first chain her to the gate, then slip out, lock the gate and set Luci free from the outside to roam the compound. The trainer was scandalized when I told him this. And here I had been showing off my ingenuity in dealing with a hyperactive dog. No Ma’am you can’t do that. You should command her to sit and then walk out. Our training is all wasted if you don’t do that, was his entreaty.

It was all very well for him to say that. One in a thousand dog, I am told by reliable sources, turns out to be of Marley-sque stock. Though Luci is not exactly a female Marley in the making, she comes a quite close second. Imagine a hyperactive and playful dog weighing 35 kilograms hurling herself at you disregarding your orders to Sit! Stay! at the same time that you are trying to hold on to your handbag, the lock and key, your hair and whatever bag/book you are carrying not to mention that offensive piece of clothing that goes by the name of dupatta which the dog sees as a red flag. By the way, I wholeheartedly support the lady who I am told, wants to shoot the person who invented this most cumbersome of accessories to the salwar-kameez if she ever met them (and I’d gladly join her). Hmm… on second thoughts I wonder if Luci is on my side on this. Anyways, suffice to say it is tough.

On hearing my tale of woes, the SB said the trainer had every right to be aghast at the way I was going about dealing with an unruly Luci. I had failed miserably in my upbringing of Luci, he added cheerfully. How happy children are to point out flaws in parents. Sigh. Not content with that he went tsk tsk tsk, in mock disapproving tone and added, and this after having brought up two children too. What a shame! I raised my eyebrows and said,

“Ha! What do you know? Bringing up two human children, even though they be boys, was so much easier,” I said. “This one is a real handful and too high-spirited a dog for us old fogies.”

The SB then turned to Luci who  was standing on the other side of the gate and with a twinkle in his eyes told her,

“Congrats Luci! You have done what we both never could do.You have broken them!”

Here is a video of Luci welcoming her Dad.

And oh, Happy Birthday Second Born! 🙂