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Sis to me: He (my BIL) says you should come over this month.

Me: I was there (Kuala Lumpur) just last month.

Sis: But he is back here now and we could go sightseeing to places further away, unlike last time.

Me: Sigh. sounds good. But, not even a month since I got back. Besides the junior son is coming home.

Sis: Yeah I told him that. Anyways…

(Conversation moves on to other topics of which there is no dearth)

Later in the day when the L & M (that is the Lord & Master to newbies) returns from office, he is apprised of the above exchange of words.

L & M (quite matter-of-factly): Hmm… Please tell her that right now, the tree in our backyard has shed all its leaves, it being autumn.

Me (puzzled): Huh? (Pictures the tamarind tree,ย jack-fruitย tree, neem tree, banana tree, papaya tree et al in the backyard in a leafless state, shakes her head to remove the image and concludes that the L & M has not heard a word of whatโ€™s been said). Tree? What tree?!!

L & M (with a straight face): The money tree.

Me: ๐Ÿ˜›