………because she wants to. Duh!

Isn’t there  something seriously wrong with brains that cannot grasp such a simple and straightforward matter?

To blog, strange as it may seem to some ignoramuses, the lady does not need the permission, approval or blessings of anyone. Blogs are free and pages can be set up by anyone. Blogging is not a job with a particular job profile/description and guidelines on what can or should be written by the bloggers.  Hence, the topics she writes about are those that she picks and chooses according to her interests (call it her whims and fancies) and certainly not what others dictate to her. After all it is HER page.

The lady is well within her rights to air her views on a page so set up, as long as she is also within the legal framework to do so. She is NOT obliged to represent views of either Amar, Akbar, Antony (or others like them) however much they so wish. So please don’t ask her in that officious and petulant manner of yours why she does not write about this or that topic or why horror of horrors, the media does what it does. Imagine taking to task the author of a personal blog about the shortcomings of the country’s media. Besides, the lady feels those who want the media to make a noise about something must move their own goddamn butt and do something about it rather than harass bloggers to do their work for them.

Commenting on her blog page is a privilege not a bloody right bequeathed to every Amar Akbar and Antony or for that matter their female versions (though frankly speaking the female of the populace have not as yet come dictating terms to me), who think with a little manipulation they can hijack the conversation to the direction they choose because unfortunately so, they don’t have the calibre to “see” the point she is making. She actually understands this fact that there might be people who cannot get the res of what she is conveying, especially with the weird sense of humor she has and that is an admission. But one thing is reiterated:

This page has NOT been set up for those of you who have pet peeves and  want a platform to air your views. On the contrary, it has been set up by the lady to air her own pet peeves and  views. She can and will continue doing that. After all, this is HER page and certainly holds HER views. Period.

Pssst, those who have skimmed through a single post and have formed an opinion that the lady is a man-hater, please be her guest. The last time she tried, in spite of your name-calling, the rice she put on the stove still got cooked when boiled (to twist a Mallu saying). (Updated to add: Whaddya know, if speaking up against molesters and oppressors makes the lady a man-hater, she proudly and gladly would wear the badge if one would kindly be issued to her. In that case, please make it on a mass scale because apart from women, there are quite a large number of men too, who are against molesters and so would be needing badges)

The truth of the matter is that no amount of calling her a man-hater (or even man-lover for that matter) is going to change an iota of who she actually is. According to the Bard a rose by any other name smells as sweet. So regardless of your name-calling or rather in spite of it, she is who she is.