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Have you heard of Sambar Chicken la Vishakh? Well if you haven’t you just have. And right above is the visual. I know, it is not a good enough picture by my standards. But that is the only one I could click before the family attacked it with gusto. As the name suggests, it was conceived and cooked by the junior son.

Recently, the sons, senior and junior have taken to cooking big time. Time and again they call me up, either to draw on my culinary expertise now dying a slow death or to update me on theirs, new born and raring to go. From the calls I had gathered that the sons were now interested and were fast becoming good cooks. I found that it was not even necessary that I be around to give them tips; the net supplied them with excellent recipes galore. Visions of the L & M and I relaxing while the sons toiled away in the kitchen and served us a tasty meals rose dancing before my eyes frequently cheering me up considerably.

The day they arrived, the sons made known their intention to cook their special dish for us while on the way home from the airport. The senior son would make fish curry and junior the chicken dish. I beamed.

The L & M is a big zero as far as cooking is concerned (though very good in all other work), except for scrambled eggs, coffee and tea etc. Of course, one day he did surprise us all when he came up with what we still refer to as his masterpiece, the chicken roll. He had watched the roadside vendors in action and giving to it his own personal touch come up with his own delicious version, wnning over the admiration of the household. It is a minor matter that he gets shredded chicken masala, chapattis etc pre-cooked.

Coming back to the kiddos, a day before leaving, the junior son made Sambar Chicken la Vishakh for us. I had been sceptical about the sambar masala in a chicken dish. In fact when I had heard it the first time over the phone, I had been horrified.

“No no NO! You don’t use sambar masala for chicken!”

But he assured me his friend who had given him the suggestion to add sambar masala had assured him that it contained all the necessary spices, so ought to turn out well. And indeed it had come out very, very tasty. Oh boy was I to find out just how very tasty! The L & M and the senior son also gave nods of approval after tasting. I am sure many of you are eager to have the recipe. Watch me closely:

First I marinate the boneless chicken pieces in a mixture consisting of turmeric powder, red-chilli powder, sambar masala, ginger-garlic paste, salt and a little lemon juice AND EGG YOLK (Updated on 30/11/11)). Now I keep it aside for an hour.

Next, here I am slicing onions and capsicum. Then, I heat a little oil and sauté sliced onion and capsicum with a wee bit of salt till just cooked. The marinated chicken pieces are shallow fried till done and mixed well with the sautéed onion and capsicum slices.

Tada! Sambar Chicken la Vishakh is ready.

I am sure right now you all have your favorite drink in your hand already. If not go and get it and just dig into the plateful of hot and spicy Sambar Chicken la Vishakh. 

Isn’t this the loveliest housewarming party ever (even though I say so myself?) The house is suitably warmed now eh Vivek, RuchiraSorry veggie people. Nothing new to offer you right now.

Pssst! The senior son got away without making the fish curry. Now I have to wait one whole year before I can taste it! *sob sob*