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I was caught in the web I know

Love claimed me for its own I know

I made a mistake I know

You are that mistake I know

I gave you my heart I know

Though I shouldn’t have I know

I was helpless I know

It was Destiny I know

We will never be one I know

Not in this life I know

Your hands are tied I know

Yet you love me I know

There is no going back I know

This love is forever I know

Still it is a mistake I know

I shouldn’t have succumbed I know

If I were given another chance I know

I’d make the same mistake once more I know

For you are my soul mate I know

And I am yours forever I know

– Shail Mohan (March 2009)


On a different note, when the senior son read this post, he sent me this interesting link. Check it out. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†