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– a story

I lay there in the blue light listening to the rhythm of the train. The rest of the passengers were all fast asleep. I couldn’t sleep. It would soon be time for me to disembark. Outside it was raining. The drizzle made faint patterns on the window pane. My journey was about to end. I smiled at the thought. Exhilaration filled me, pushing away the last traces of sorrow that had lingered.

I looked at the time. Before long the train would start its long assiduous crossing across the Ganges. On previous occasions the mere thought of the train snaking its way across the river filled me with dread, but not today. I wondered how the Ganges looked right then. Had the rains changed its color to a murky brown?? It made no difference. In the dark night everything looked black anyway.

The sound of the train changed to a loud clanging one as it entered the bridge spanning the river. It was time. I got up and made my way to the door. With effort I eased the door open, looking out at the dark night. A cool breeze brought some of the rain water in refreshing me. I felt light and free. I wanted to laugh in joy. I was going home, to him.

The everlasting love that had eluded me would be mine in a matter of moments. My Eternal Love, for whom I ached, with an unbearable longing, was waiting for me. The Dark One, for whom I had waited so long, would take me in his arms and never let me go, ever. In them I would find the happiness I had been searching for all my life. I smiled and took a step forward. I was still smiling when the cold water swallowed me.

*                *              *

This is a prologue of a short/long story or novella or even a novel (too ambitious for the lazy moi though!) that I might or might not (the possibilities of this happening are greater) write tonight (no way!), tomorrow, next week/ month/year or in some distant future. An epilogue might or might not come up one of these days. Till such time as that, this remains a flash fiction at 300 words leaving you all free to speculate on the whys and wherefores! 😉