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This was written in answer to a tag over at sulekha.com. I was tagged by two of my friends, Kalpita tagged me to write about who I would like to kiss under the mistletoe (real or imaginary) and Edwin tagged me to write about my first kiss. I answered them at one go, in a single sweep. Here is what I told them:

Who would I want to kiss

Beneath the misltetoe

Kalpita wants to know

To her tag I cannot say ‘no’!

Then along comes Edwin

And puts me in a spin

‘You are tagged pretty Miss

Tell us of your first kiss’

Sulekha seems a-buzz

With spicy tales of buss

Should I reveal all

Or just make up a tale tall??

If I were not Shaila

But the legendary Laila

I would kiss Majnu

And whisper, ‘I love you’

As Shakespeare’s Juliet,

Romeo I would have bussed

And as Heer I would wait

For my Ranjha to be kissed

But I am good old Shaila

Not Heer, Juliet or Laila

Who do I want it to be

Holding and kissing me??

My love, the one I adore

With all my heart and more

Is the one I’d want to kiss

And never would want to miss.

Now coming to my first kiss

Sorry Edwin, got to admit this

I have not the least memory

Back then, I was a bawling baby.

Was it the one who gave birth

Or the one who brought her to earth??

As she held me to her chest

Was she who kissed me first??

At last I am done with my homework

The tags are done like clockwork

So friends, am I let off the hook??

Can I get back to my housework??

  • Shail Mohan (Jan 2009)

    Reposted from shail-mohan blogs @sulekha.com