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I get this strange feeling today that something momentous is about to happen. It is a normal enough day, breakfast is done, the clothes are up and hanging on the lines, the house has been tidied, I have planted onions, rice and some cabbage too, in my virtual FarmVille garden, and with lunch hours away I find myself sitting in the balcony watching Sterling and Collie in action.

Sterling and Collie are two golden retrievers whose page I follow. They are as cute as buttons, though I would never spend time watching buttons, mind you! There are more dogs that I follow too, like Meeka the husky who is a talker, the peas in a pod labradors Peanut and Buttercup, the innocent looking German shepherd Jade, and the handsome duo Tucker and his son Todd, also golden retrievers. So technically it could be any one of them I’d be watching while this strange feeling descends on me that something of significance is about to happen.

I look up from my phone. It is a sunny morning. There’s a gentle breeze blowing. The coconut trees stand rooted to their spot. Gentle breezes don’t move them enough to sway. The leaves of the Indian almond trees also refuse to oblige. Not to be discouraged, the breeze ruffles the tops of the young fruit trees below.

The sentry is at his post idly staring into space. There’s a delivery guy walking up the path, a parcel in his hands. A pigeon flies in trying to perch on the itsy-bitsy space outside the netting and promptly flies away with loud flapping of wings and a startled coo on seeing me. The gardener is busy gathering up the dried leaves he has swept. Soon he will start watering the plants.

This is all so normal. But I cannot shake away that sense of foreboding.

I look towards the sky, greyish blue and cloud-filled, and I have this inexplicable feeling that it is about to crack open with a loud sound. I almost expect something (or someone) to appear and come hurtling down towards earth. It seems oh-so-natural and inevitable that something of the sort should happen.

And then it strikes me. I am now reading Mythos, The Greek Myths Retold. Or rather, I am listening to it these days, as told by Stephen Fry.

Is it any wonder that I go through the day feeling as if I live in some other world, that just anything might happen? Just today morning I was at Zeus’ wedding, and then there was Melissa and the honey she made for the Gods. Then I watched as Athena cam out of the cut open head of Zeus. Before that there was Kronos who castrated and deposed his father Ouranos, there was his mother Gaia, his wife Rhea who tricked him into swallowing a rock, thereby saving her son Zeus from being swallowed by his father like her other children.

Yup. These days my head is full of Greek gods, their lives and times. An ordinary day in the present on earth seems suddenly full of possibilities for strange things to happen. Maybe they will, who knows! 😉

© Shail Mohan 2023

And with that I come to the end of February Ramblings, in March no less! Thank you for reading 🙂