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It looks I will need three of me next weekend. There will be three things happening at three places and alas, there is only one of me. Did I hear anyone say, ‘Fortunately!’ under their breath?

It is at least four decades and more since I left my alma mater, the place where I graduated with a degree in Economics. There’s going to be a grand reunion of ALL the Economics batches down the years, a lovely opportunity to meet old collegemates and teachers?

Then there is the more recent group of girlfriends who get together every month and are a lot of fun. This time the planned get together is falling on the same day as the alumni meet. What a dilemma!

The fatigued me though wants to stay at home, read a book, paint a picture, go for walks, watch a show on OTT, in short take things easy by sticking to her boring routine.

Since there is only one of me, I have to choose and I am choosing to go to the alumni meet. Train tickets have been booked, friends informed and arrangements for a place to stay, made. Now its only a matter of the day dawning and I being on my way.

In the meantime I am on to my next job, of making mango pickle, something that the children love, all four of them. This is made with fresh raw mango and is very easy to make.

Mangoes are cut into small pieces and mixed with salt and chilli powder and kept aside. Sesame oil is heated and mustard, fenugreek, whole dried red chillies, curry leaves and whole pods of garlic dumped in it and sautéed. The pinch of asafoetida comes towards the end. Last step, mix it all thoroughly and…. What are you waiting for? Start eating!

Shail Mohan 2023