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I scorched my fingers today, the reason being my own negligence. Hmm.. no reason to be so lenient on myself. The truth is it was my own stupidity that caused the burn. It’s nothing serious though it did interfere with the smooth running of the making of the Maggi snack for the son and his girl to take with them.

It happened like this:

Before I got down to it, I decided on making a cup of tea for the house help who had just finished mopping the house. While pouring out the tea I noticed that the other burner was not sitting properly in its place. Naturally I then had to put it the right way.

Now here’s where we come to the funny part.

Having corrected the position of the first burner, I proceeded to check if the next one was sitting snug and pretty in its slot. Yes, the very one on which I had brewed the tea a few seconds ago. Ouch.

The finger-tip was burning so bad for a while that the L&M had to be pressed into service for cutting the coconut flesh into small slivers for the snack/namkeen. It was easy once that was done, all I had to do was fry each of the necessary ingredients one by one in hot oil, mix in the masala, and once the mixture had cooled, pack it away.

On the bright side though, it has been quite a while since I have done anything so foolish. So there’s that.

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