Only twenty-six minutes are left of the day. Where did all the hours go?

I will tell you where it has gone: In tidying up and getting the house ready, in cooking, in driving to the airport, in meeting and greeting, in hugging and laughing, in talking nineteen to the dozen…

Yes, the sun is shining today. Well not really, it’s a cloudy day with laden clouds waiting for just the trigger to burst into tears. But for me it’s as if the sun is shining. The Second Born and his girlfriend are home. He is here after three long years, and for her this is the very first time, to India and to our home.

You must forgive me if I keep it short today. I am exhausted, happily so, and the bed looks so inviting right now. Sleep wins hands down over February Ramblings. Goodnight good folks. See you on Day 5.

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