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‘Tis the month of February and the time for rambling. Come to think of it, I do that at other times too. So what’s the difference this time around, you might ask. Well, in February I am going to do it all twenty-eight days, or twenty-nine as the case may be. Which is it, by the way?

This year, I am planning to do only stream of consciousness posts throughout February. By that I mean I won’t be writing on any particular topic, but shall go wherever my thoughts take me. Wander around sort of hither, thither, everywhere. (What the heck. Autocorrect just changed thither to thatcher!) I do the running-after-my-thoughts often enough, so what’s new? Like I said above, this February it is going to be an all-month long fest.

There, I have said it. Once, and then again. You my dears, have been suitably warned. Now I cannot go back on my words. Not that I intend to. Ha, catch Shail doing that without adequate and compelling reasons well beyond her control. What I am trying to say is, I shall stick to my promise and… Okay, I am not going to say it because some of you have very generously told me that I do not bore you. Such a lovely bunch of readers I have!

So, stream of consciousness it shall be, I have decided, and stream of consciousness it will be. The first outcome of that decision is that I will not be having titles for my post. It shall be Day 1, Day 2 and so on. Actually I am not too happy doing it this way. But there’s a reason behind this decision. For some inexplicable reason, I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time trying to find apt titles for my posts. This way I get to save said time and put it to better use than for pulling out handfuls of hair in frustration on a daily basis.

Another decision for this month is that unless I lose control over my tap-dancing fingers, I am going to limit the word count to a short three hundred. Umm… have I already crossed three hundred, I wonder. Okay, five hundred then because who can stop me when I am good and going! No one, I can tell you with certainty. Not even if you beg me on bended knees and tell me I will lose all my readers by writing long posts.

Psst! I think, and I am making a wild guess here, I just crossed even the hundred limit *gulp*) which is why I am going to put a sock in it as Wodehouse would say, and stop right here and right now. See you all in the morrow on Day 2, people. Be good until then. It’s so damn easy 🙂

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