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Writing a post on my birthday is a habit I picked up some four or five years back if my memory serves me right. No, I don’t have time to go and check if that is right or not. Anyway, this year I couldn’t post one on the day last month. But a birthday blog I must write one way or another I decided. What better day than the L&M’s birthday?

We had guests over for dinner for the day. Afterwards an ice cream cake was cut…. and served as dessert. The L&M had made me promise that I wouldn’t mention it was his birthday to anyone. He didn’t want a fuss. Yeah, we differ that way. I am not someone who minds the ‘fuss’ as he calls it and am usually willing to proclaim the fact of my birthday from tree-tops and rooftops if only I could climb that high. Hey World! It’s my birthday and I am so happy! And yet here was this man who wanted to hide the fact!

His birthday, his wish. So the cake, chosen and ordered by yours truly, was cut quietly in the kitchen. As far as the guests were concerned it was just dessert being served. They enjoyed it as did we and went away none the wiser of the importance of the day or the significance of the cake. Don’t worry. None of them read my blog, so it is not like I have let the cat out of the bag. As for my readers, they aren’t going to disturb him with cries of ‘Happy Birthday!’ Right? So all’s well.

Psst! The L&M’s birthday was yesterday and all I have to show for it today is that piece of leftover cake you see above. Yes, I forgot to click it when it was still whole. You see, I was busy being the perfect host. 😉

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