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Apparently the Rose-ringed Parakeet couple have been busy. Or maybe a new couple have moved into the tree-apartment next to our concrete one. Either way, their eggs have hatched and there are new chicks. The parent birds are busy flying up and down, foraging, then feeding, foraging and then feeding again. The young ones seem forever hungry and are seen waiting eagerly for their parents’ return. They take turns to sit with their head hanging out of the hole in the tree, eagerly awaiting their parents’ return with food.

It was a rare and lucky moment when I could catch them all in a single frame. Well, almost all, for one of the chicks is missing in these pictures, hidden as it was behind the two in front.

The parents weren’t too happy about the clicking sound. They looked up, down and everywhere at the unusual noise. ‘Get used to it, birdies,’ I said from where I stood on my balcony some distance away, ‘You are going to hear more of theses clicks!’ I didn’t want to scare them. So I stopped clicking after a while and let them feed in peace. After all I want them to return, lay more eggs, raise more chicks… In short I want them to give me more opportunities to observe them and take photos. I hope they oblige.

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