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Frankly, there are too many things I don’t understand about the world in general and people in particular. Here though I touch upon only two of them

Drinking ‘strong’ tea (haha!) as evidence of manliness.

If I have heard it once I have heard it a thousand times, ‘I drink my tea very strong, you know!’ said with obvious pride. This is usually said to the wimmenz in the company, because after all wimmenz. But wait! Stop! Desist the desire to pick up whatever it is you are thinking of picking up with the intention of clobbering me with it. Women say it too (Phew, saved!) but (Ha! Didn’t expect that, did you?) just not in the same way. No, siree, not yet anyway. From the women it is a statement of fact, a simple way of expressing how they like their tea. It does not involve theatrics, the glance that states I-am-so-great, the invisible but obvious swelling up of the chest, the sly grin which translates to not-like-the-weak-milky-tea-you-women-drink.

You know what baffles me? I drink the VERY SAME tea (with less or no milk of course because I HATE milk) I serve (and which they lap up enthusiastically) but I have never felt the urge to brag about the ‘strength’ of it like they do. I really don’t understand what’s wrong with me, sigh.

The whines about others always posting happy pictures on social media.

Not once, not twice but at least a mind-numbing two thousand and nine-hundred-ninety-nine times (I could be wrong and it could well be ten thousand nine-hundred-ninety nine) have I read complaining comments/blogs/updates about those people posting ‘happy’ pictures of themselves, their family, the functions they attend and their holidays on social media. This apparently causes severe stress and heartburn to some. How come THEY are always happy and smiling and so full of energy and enthusiasm? Here I am screaming at my children to do their homework, sweating from housework, listening to my boss berate me for missing the deadline, trying to get my team to not hate me, looking like a lion on a bad hair day, sick and recuperating, have to clean pigeon poop off the balcony on Sundays… (fill in with appropriate activity you hate doing but have to do anyway) and these lucky ones are sunning themselves on the beach, have redecorated their home yet again, are looking so ravishing, have children who obviously are little angels and winners in every field… (fill with appropriate thing you envy). These are mostly women (There, I said it!).

I am mystified, what do these whiners want from others? ‘Unhappy’ pictures? Let’s see, like someone crying their heart out because they broke up with their love or a parent screaming in frustration because the child is again going to be late for school? Or may be they want to see the inside of an unkempt home, the dustbin even, or how others look when they are sweaty and grimy. Hmm… How about the spilt ketchup on the table and unwashed vessels piled up in the kitchen sink or worse till an un-flushed toilet? Throw in a video of a squabble between wife and husband and a shouting match between adult siblings and they should be in seventh heaven. Perhaps these will make the ‘heartburn’ go away and even bring a smile on to their face. I really don’t understand, I always thought people shared their happier and best moments with others. I must surely be daft.

Till next time then when I will be back with more things I don’t understand.

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