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Today has been a lazy Sunday. Not too lazy though. I cooked and also did some work around the house. Covid and the viral fever have ensured that I layoff strenuous work of any kind for now, but soon I will start my morning walks again, taking it real slow at first. As a beginning, today I went to the roof top garden in the evening. There were flowers blooming and I decided I’d take it easy and share some pictures on the blog today.

Talking of taking it easy, something comes to mind.

One day a neighbour, who also takes his morning walks when I do, introduced himself to me. I am E.C. So and So, he said, so my name is easy to remember. See what he did there? Unfortunately I didn’t, not at the time. In my defence, I wasn’t at my alert best just then as I was busy switching off my audio book Before talking to him. I nodded pleasantly in acknowledgement of his introduction.

Later I went back home and repeated to the L&M the conversation with Mr. E.C So and then it hit me. E.C. and easy! Omg, how could I not have seen it! I bet the man thought I was someone too dumb to get his word play. Sigh. Never mind. Next time I will do better 😉

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