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Here I am, if not fit as a fiddle, almost there, and ready to complete the February blogathon.

Here’s what happened: I felt unwell for a couple of days. I put it down to the fatigue which apparently dogged many of those whom Covid had made its own. Ignoring the feeling, I went about my days as if nothing was any different, blogging daily too, till one day I found everything was indeed A LOT different.

For one, a day arrived when I didn’t feel like going for my morning walk. Sacrilege! It is the time I enjoy a lot, keeping an eye out for the birds, and listening as I do to my audio book. Second, I realised I was in no mood to ‘farm’ (at Facebook FarmVille, duh!) which was one of the easiest jobs in the planet and could be done sprawled on your bed. OMG, what was happening to me?

I went in search of the thermometer and it told me in no uncertain terms that my temperature was running high. *gulp* Had I gone back to my routine too soon after COVID? People had warned me of the ramifications of not letting enough days pass before getting back to the grind. Do not go for walks even though you are feeling fine, they had warned me as if in one voice and I had royally ignored them all. Was I paying price for overdoing things?

Nothing for it but to check with the doctor. Tests later, the dreaded poke-in- the-nose kind among others, I was declared Covid-free, but not virus free. It was some virus alright, just not the recent demoniac one. Nothing for it, but to wait it out. I looked sadly and longingly at my iPad Pro, waiting for me. Take rest while you can, I told it, when I am up you won’t get any!

So, like I said at the outset, here I am. And my offering for today is a video of the unexpected rain that blessed us today. From tomorrow it is business as usual. Well, obviously not the walks, I will have to wait longer and get stronger, for them to happen.

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