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This bird has been driving me nuts. Every morning I hear its sweet song, but the bird itself remained hidden from my eyes. Where was it singing its song from? The distant tree perhaps, but the thick leaves hid it from my view.

And then one fine day I saw it while on my walk.

The bird was on its morning rounds, looking for caterpillars and insects. It had caught one and was busy digging into it when I snuck as close as I could and tried to get a picture… with my phone! No way was the bird going to have me get any closer. Miffed, it flew away with the caterpillar hanging from its beak.

Next morning I saw it in the playground, romancing. Naturally I don’t carry my camera while out on my morning walk. I can barely carry my own weight, a camera would slow me down considerably. I crept as close as I possibly could to click the pair in love before they flew away, annoyed at the disturbance.

Nowadays I see the songsters on a daily basis. They are found hopping around on the interlocking tiles, looking for insects. The other day, I saw three of them, but they flew away in a flurry of wings as I got closer.

Here are a few of the best picture I could take of them using my phone. Presenting the Indian Magpie Robin.