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Have you ever had to eat humble pie? Sometimes the pie is well deserved and we might as well suck up and eat it. At other times though, not so much, but you still have to eat it.

Right from the early days of blogging, my policy when it comes to leaving comments on blog posts of others dictated that I read the posts from the first word to the last. That does not mean I do not read the posts I merely ‘like’. I read them too. Having nothing to add to the post, or being strapped for time (also if I am plain lazy to formulate a comment), I simply ‘like’ some posts and move on. Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that when I intend leaving a comment, I make sure I have gone through ALL of the post (no skimming!), however tedious or boring the post might be. Or not.

That was how things stood when one day the following happened.

I was reading a blogger’s latest post. To be fair, it was neither too long nor boring. In fact the topic was of interest to me and I was keen to leave a comment once I finished. Having gone through the post fully, I found he had not mentioned a particular point (I really don’t remember what the post was about, it was quite some time back). So I lost no time in writing down a comment, ‘You know sometimes this happens too..’ or something along those lines.

Having done my ‘bloggerly-duty’ (there is no such word, I know!) I went on my way to do chores around the house which begged to be completed. After a while, leaving the chores half-done, I returned to the laptop. Ahh, the blogger has replied! I opened the page with enthusiasm, confident that he would have commended me for adding one more point in support of his argument. Instead I was filled with dismay on reading his reply. Shail, the first sentence read, I have already mentioned that very point in my post above.

What? No way! I never miss a thing. And remember, I never ever leave a comment without reading a post from start to finish. Indignant, I scrolled back up to reread his post and vindicate myself. Sigh. I couldn’t believe what my eyes perused. It was there in black and white, just like he had said in the comment. How had I missed it? A few seconds of thought was all it took for everything to become clear. Half way through reading the post, I had left my seat to attend to something, and when I returned I had picked up at a different point lower down, thus losing one whole paragraph.

I wanted to explain, but held back. He’d only think I was making up an excuse because I was ‘caught’ not reading the whole post. Besides, just the week before, I had seen the same blogger actively engaged in a discussion about readers leaving comments on blogs without reading the whole post. To him I was exactly that person he had been talking about. My action that day, though not intentional, had only proved his point. So I cancelled my plan to write a reply detailing how I must have missed (because I had stepped out for a moment) parts of his post. Why make honest truth look like a tame excuse? He did not know – nor do most others – that I am a read-it-all-before-you-comment-even-if-it-kills-you kind of person. So I accepted the jovial but mocking tone of his comment as well-deserved and gracefully withdrew.

Β© Shail Mohan 2021