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When I woke up from my afternoon nap, the first thing I noticed through the window was a Kingfisher sitting on the railing of the terrace. It seemed to have something in its beak. As can be expected, I immediately took my camera and walked towards the door with the intention of opening it an inch, or rather enough for my lens to peep through. But someone else had been observing me and immediately presented herself besides me at the door, tail wagging briskly. ‘I am coming with you.‘ Luci feels it is her sacred duty to accompany me whenever I pick up the camera. But I was dismayed this time. The bird was rather close, she was sure to be displeased, and bark. (She’s a jealous whatchamacallit dog!) ‘Sitting brazenly on my property‘ Luci would grit her teeth. ‘With all the trees around, you dare come and park your butt on MY railings!‘ That would be the end of any photographic aspirations I had. So I went back to the window instead and managed a shot through the metal grill leaving Luci none the wiser who the guest had been. Here it is:

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