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I have not written a Ten Thought Tuesday post in a long time. Hmm I don’t know if I do have ten of them thoughts to put down this Tuesday. But I can always try, can I not?

  1. Just how do people sit in front of television sets and listen to the absolute rot dished out as news to viewers? How? How? HOW???
  2. Tell me again, why does broccoli have such a bad press? It is one of my most favorite of vegetables. Not being something grown locally I am at the mercy of the market forces for its availability at any particular time. When I found frozen broccoli on a recent visit to the supermarket I all but freaked out. But for the presence of the L&M, I would have done a jig right then and there.
  3. The L&M is all about ‘what will people say/think’ and I am more the ‘what do I care what they say/think!’ kind. Though from opposite ends of the spectrum, over the years we have managed to meet somewhere in the middle. Oh, who am I kidding. I don’t think we have changed all that much, just that we are more aware of where the other stands.
  4. I just heard the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for corona-virus Uh-ho uh-ho! All that posturing and now this. Will he now change his mind about the need for social distancing?
  5. After the scare of the day before, everything turned out alright when news came that we were allowed to walk to the nearest shop and buy essentials. Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is once again stocked with the necessary vegetables.
  6. When the L&M was about to walk to the shop, I told him he needed to buy salt too. Oh and oh, eggs. This was in addition to the initial items of onions and vegetables. But you’ll have to carry them all back, I said a trifle concerned. We stay atop a hill, you see and it is a steep climb. The L&M gave me a disbelieving look, and in a smooth move, suggested, ‘Ennal, neee vaa ente koode ithellam edukkan!‘ (Then you come with me to carry these items). Thinking on my feet, I hastily declined with a, ‘Oh no, no. I would have to carry my own weight, so I won’t be of any use to you! You please go ahead.’ I know for a fact he had been smirking when he turned to leave.
  7. Why do many things taste better the next day of cooking it? Take the case of the Kerala fish curry. It gets better with each reheating that by the time it gets over, you are left scraping the last bit of gravy off the clay pot in which you have cooked it, wishing fervently more was left.
  8. Due to reasons of health the L&M cannot eat some things and they are the same ones doctors have told me I must include in my diet. Hence cooking in my house is an intricate art of balancing the two sides to perfection.
  9. I have started reading a hilarious book called Tongue-in-Cheek: The Funny Side of Life by Khyurunnisa A. The book has snippets from daily life narrated in a tongue-in-cheek style like the title says. A laughter riot.
  10. Sigh, sigh sigh. Travel cannot happen any time soon. But these pictures the Second Born sent, made me so very wistful.

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