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No, not Kingfisher, not again!
Whoa! Why ever not?
You have already given too much space to that bally bird at your nest. It will only go to its head.
Haha. You are funny.
I was not trying to be.
Well, what would you have me write today then?
About kites. Not the bird, the other kind.
Interesting that you should think so.
You never completed that metaphorical story about kites you started writing…
I am done with metaphorical stories.
Says you.
Yes, right. Says me. Any doubts?
We shall see.

As soon as I stepped on to the terrace I saw the Kingfisher. He was sitting on the satellite dish. I did not have my camera. Slowly I lifted my phone and took a picture. It was still some distance from me, and a phone is no good at capturing a bird in close up. If I went down to get my camera, there was no guarantee that it would still be there when I returned. So, I inched forward, taking a picture at each step till I was may be a meter away from the bird.

It hadn’t moved an inch. It had continued fluffing itself up and in between staring straight ahead as if it had noting better to do that evening. It was just the impression it conveyed. I am sure it had a keen eye about for flying insects. I have often seen it making a swift dive, coming up with an insect which it then proceeded to bang against the surface it was seated on, and when satisfied that it was dead, pop it in whole.

Just then I had an idea. I was this close to the bird, how about a Selfie with the Kingfisher? But, sigh, in the photos, the bird still looked too small for my liking. Whatever. I gave up the idea and inched even closer. I was now just two feet away from the kingfisher. It was ignoring me as someone of no consequence. Perhaps it knew I was no threat?

One and a half feet. I was near enough to stretch my hand and touch it. But birds aren’t too up on being touched, are they? Unlike dogs, and cats. How about a different approach? This was one fearless bird. What if I talked to it? Hey, Kingfisher! No answer. How come you are so fearless? Still no response. Are you fearless of humans in general or is it just me? The Kingfisher rose into the air with a deft movement of its wings, flew in a wide circle and went to perch on the roof of the house next door. I am guessing it didn’t like my taking the liberty. 😦

Here are some captures:

Note: Goes without saying that this was possible because the dog was too lazy to accompany me. If she had seen me hobnobbing with the kinds of birds, she would definitely have have had something to say. Result? No photoshoot.

© Shail Mohan 2020