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Fridge magnets?
Yes, fridge magnets.
No funny moments to share?
I have some angry moments to share!
Whoa! What are you angry about?
Human stupidity.
And you can do jacksh*t about it.
I am aware of that
Glad you are. So, fridge magnets, eh?

It was not the result of any sort of planning. On my very first visit to California, the First Born took me around to see the sights. While we were at the Golden Gate, he picked up a couple of fridge magnets for me. I was doubtful Do I really need them? You see, I hate piling stuff up. Only someone who has had to move around quite a lot would understand, and I have been doing so practically from the time I was born. But the son insisted I keep them as mementos of my visit.

I returned home, and forgot all about it.

The next time I visited the son, the same thing repeated itself on our trip to Yosemite. I returned home with a few more of them. That’s when it dawned on me that this was indeed a good way to document the places I visited and I should make it a habit.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, it is all mere perspective – I do practically no shopping while on my travels, but fridge magnets became the exception. My refrigerator soon had magnets from Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Dubai, Oman, and of course the latest ones from Russia. The ones missing are from my visit to Bali and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the collection on my fridge caught the attention of close family and soon they were picking up magnets for me on their trips abroad. Though I had intended mine to be a collection that reflected my own travels, I couldn’t very well reject the thoughtful contributions, could I? So, pretty soon there were magnets on my refrigerator from places I had never set foot on: UK, South Africa, Alaska, Chile, and of course Belgrade!

Here’s a picture:

Oh! The above picture is missing two important ones. One from Chile, and the other, one about Labradors. Here it is:

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