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This is how I imagine Luci to be waiting for me ❤

There comes a time towards the end of your holidays when sadness creeps in, when goodbyes have to be said, flights have to be boarded. But for me such a time of sadness never really comes because much as I dislike the fact of the holiday itself coming to an end, I am all excited about what’s going to come up next. Nope, I am not going on another tour but going right back to…. Luci! I simply cannot stop smiling at the thought.

If my fellow passengers on the return flight tomorrow wonder why I have a silly grin pasted on my face, there is but one answer to it. I’m thinking of being welcomed by Luci. Once she’s done licking my face clean, she would poke her Labradorean nose into my bags, drooling all over my clothes looking for treats. You bet I have bought goodies for her! She’s the one I thin of when I go shopping. And then when I open one of them packets and hand one to her, she will walk around proudly with it in her mouth. I call it her ‘victory lap’ because she goes round and round the sitting room with her prize much like the winning team with their trophy in a stadium.

My bags are packed. Once I am done with my rambling for today, in will go the laptop as well. Apart from being back with Luci (and the L&M, of course) my hometown is not the place to return to right now. Summer has officially begun and in the next couple of months we are going to be sweating it out. Soon, we’ll all be like the proverbial Vezhambal (Hornbill) looking up at the skies waiting for rain to fall. Not that rain is going to oblige us for quite some time now. It has other invitations to entertain before it can come back to us in its official capacity. But a few unofficial thunderstorms…? Yeah, we can definitely hope!

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