The last month of the year is almost over and here I am, still at Unvarnished, with only one post to my credit so far in December. Tsk tsk tsk. This has never happened before. Sigh. But, it has been a busy month, having the sis and family over and having a great time, meeting up with blog friends and having more great times, and lastly, binge-watching crime thrillers on Netflix. Yup, I am a sucker for detectives and their search for clues, solving of crimes, catching criminals and putting them away behind bars.

Sometimes I wonder about my interest.

Do I like watching these shows because the answers are always laid out in the end? Seems very likely. You come to know why A hit B over the head with an iron rod, or why X murdered Y and Z. In real life we may speculate and then speculate again, but we never really know the whys and wherefores. Take for example the Arushi murder. Why was she killed? Who are the real killer(s)? Why were her parents arrested and the real killers ignored? No answers! But if it were a TV drama, we’d have all the answers and the police will have the perpetrators in custody.

The analytical thinking of the investigators is also interesting to follow in the shows, unlike umm…. the purported analytical thinking of engineers. *Eyeroll*

Ahh, I hear someone ask what my grouse is against engineers? None whatsoever if they would not thrust their non-existent ‘analytical thinking’ prowess in my face. But they do. Sometimes individuals, at other times articles waxing eloquent about this very non-existent-in-all ability. Yup, there you have it. Not ALL. That’s fiction. May be some. That’s fact. Taking an engineering course may help you become good at analytical thinking, but is not guarantee that ALL who take it turn out to be good at it. Period. But then who’d accept my word for it? After all I deal only with pots and pans! *Wink*

Sigh. It’s been a while since I have digressed in this manner while writing a post. From crime dramas to engineers! So, getting back. I like the critical analysis applied by the police/detectives in the crime dramas I watch.  I like it when criminals are outwitted, which never really happens in real life. Rarely may be, but not as a routine. More’s the pity. We have criminals infesting every walk of life.

What I was aiming to convey through this post was this that I have been busy with people, having a good time (some bad times too due to health issues), and also watching shows. But here I am today writing a post. May be I will write one tomorrow too, who knows? 😉

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