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My Mondays seem jinxed. Believe me, this was not the way the post was supposed to go (and this is the second in a row). The one I had been writing had balls of wool in it, though not kittens, and about growing up not having heard of either knit or purl stitches, also how most people in the north (of India) could never get their heads around the fact that people could live an enriched life knowing zilch about knitting.

‘We lot in the south can waltz through life without ever needing to wear a sweater unlike in the north. So why should balls of wool and/or learning to knit enter the picture at all?’ I wrote, and stopped to mull on what to write next without generalizing on the way you were looked down upon by people of a region for not knowing something you didn’t need to in the first place.

It was then that I heard a scratchy sort of noise and looked up to see the curtain move in a manner that it shouldn’t be moving. My internal antennae immediately went up and started shivering in fearful anticipation. No, no, no. It couldn’t be! I haven’t seen one in all these years here! *gulp*

Unfortunately, it definitely was: Up popped a face with pointed nose, whiskers, and tiny ears. That was it, I banged my laptop shut and retreated hastily to the safety of the next room (which is why the post is late in being put up) letting the dog and the L&M take over.

Trivia: The dog won.

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