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Believe me people, I had a wonderful topic lined up for today, something short and sweet (not cloying sweet, just ordinary sweet-sweet) that could be written in as short as eight sentences or less, which sort of made it the exact thing ordered for a Microblog Monday. But …..for the life of me I cannot remember anything of it.

Never mind, I had thought optimistically when I failed at recalling it this evening. It will come to me in a while, may be by the time I reach home. The tuk-tuk in which I was returning, together with the uneven roads (a conspiracy, I tell you!), had me well and truly shaken (but not stirred) that the topic was still nowhere in sight by the time I reached home; assuredly in one piece, but very loosely fitted.

Methinks, the topic slipped off its perch and fell through some loophole, went rolling and has ended up in the sludge in some remote outpost of my brain. Retrieval seems a difficult prospect as of now, almost an uphill task.

But do you know what cheers me up? The thought that when tomorrow it drags its sorry self to the forefront and sets the memory lights blinking brightly, Monday would long  be gone and it couldn’t hope to get top billing (or any sort of attention from me) till Monday next. Gotcha there you recalcitrant topic!

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