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A Painted Stork sitting on her eggs at Vedanthangal Bird Santuary

Just the other day I was talking to an old friend when we discovered something new about ourselves. We lovvvvved eggs.

I told her how one day I had called out, ‘Help! Help! Someone please save me!’ Curiosity taking the better of them, the L&M and the Second Born had poked their heads into the kitchen. They burst out laughing when they heard my indignant answer: “These boiled eggs are tempting me to gobble them up!”

My friend then shared her own story, the time she had succumbed to just that sort of temptation and popped one whole boiled egg into her mouth while shelling them. Unfortunately her husband had walked in right then and asked her something to which she was unable to answer owing to her mouth being full. Her family has not stopped teasing her about it to date.

For the next ten minutes we talked nothing but eggs, eggs and more eggs, the different ways of cooking them and which forms we liked best, before finally taking leave of each other. So tell me, do YOU like eggs, and if yes, in what form?

©Shail Mohan 2017

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