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Back to Ten Thought Tuesday after an even longer gap than the last time. Let’s hope I live up to Luci.

  1. What DO dogs think?
  2. Why, why, WHY must we always look to the past to justify actions of the present? Those who lived in the past were also fallible humans like us, not some extraordinary beings who did everything right and in better ways. They lived life their way. How about us living life our way? Why should what they have done be the yard stick for the present, especially when the times we live in are so very different from theirs?
  3. Isn’t it ironical that someone who has destroyed trees to build outsize statues calls for planting of trees and saving of rivers? Like, really?!!!!!!!! How about some practicing before preaching?
  4. Then there is that guy who says women do not deserve freedom, they need to be controlled. Ever since reading that I have been asking everyone I meet if it is still the 21st century. I am not yet convinced, though their answers have been in the affirmative.
  5. How long does a cold last? No, seriously! People want to know how long love lasts. Not me. Love lasts as long as it will. So I will settle for an answer to this more important question. It is almost a month now and the cold virus will not loosen its hold over me, not completely anyway. I HATE YOU, COLD! DON’T YOU DARE COME BACK DISGUISED IN NEW FORMS.
  6. Another thing I HATE is those people who think their culture, their music, their country, their language, their dress, their gobbledygook/whatever is numero uno in the world and the rest are all humbugs, copycats, inferiors and whatnots. Have I written of this before? Never mind if I have because it warrants being written about a hundred times, nay a thousand times or more.  Pardon me, you superiority freaks, your inferiority complex is showing.
  7. It is just a little over a month since I got back from a holiday, but I already have itchy feet and its not because of a mosquito bite. No, no, no. I am dying to move, travel, go somewhere.  Not necessarily too far, somewhere near would do. I miss walking around, taking pictures, so what if I haven’t waded through the last batch, but first, I must fully recover. I don’t want Mr. Cold Virus and minions sneaking back and holding me hostage for some more time.
  8. Where have the birds gone? It looks like they have vacated premises for good and installed new tenants in lieu. Butterflies, the pretty things, are fluttering away in force. May be I’ll now be Butterfly Lady instead of Bird Lady.
  9. I was gobsmacked to see a Common Jezebel on the ixora, it was a first. The Indian subcontinent’s biggest butterfly, the Sahyadri Birdwing made an appearance two days in a row. This is the plant which the Blue Mormon, as also other mormon butterflies, not to mention Monkey Puzzles, love too. Accordingly, I have instructed the L&M, the resident gardener, to plant ixoras left, right and center.
  10.  The sun has been out and shining for just two days and I already miss the rains. 😦

©Shail Mohan 2017