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Last night Straggly Stray who was walking up the road with no agenda in particular, sees the gates of a huge mansion humble human abode left wide open and decides to investigate.

Straggly Stray: (to himself) Oh! Looks like the nice hooman parking his car has left the gate open for me! I will simply wander in and explore.
Princess Luci: (who has been waiting to receive Dad sees Straggly Stray and rushes towards him, shouting at the top of her voice) WHAAAAAAA…….. ?!!!!!!!!!! You DARE WALK INTO MY PALACE GROUNDS, you straggly stray?! That’s MY Dad over there, you better stay away from him. DON’T YOU DARE HARM HIM, My Dad, MY DAD, MY DAD, DO YOU HEAR?!!!
Straggly Stray: (in a low scared voice) Of course, I hear you, you are shouting. But please, I mean no harm!
Princess Luci: I don’t care. You have to leave NOW! GET LOST, NOW!! NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!!! NOW!!!!! You are TRESPASSING. ARF..ARF…ARF…ARF… ARF!!!!
Straggly Stray: (squealing piteously at the top of his voice and running around utterly confused) NO!!!! DON’T KILL ME PLEASE!  SAVE ME, MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! SAVE ME PLEASE, SOMEONE, ANYONE! AYYOOOOOO!!!!!
Me: (rushing to the balcony) WHAAAAAA…? Who’s trying to kill my baby?!!! Omg! A dog in the compound! What if it bites Luci?! OMG Luci, stop chasing the poor dog and get back inside, NOW!
L&M: (reeling at the high decibel reception and giving Straggly Stray a dazed look as he runs around frantically trying to locate the gaping gate) Who let this dog in?

Umm… don’t we all want to know the answer to that! 😉

©Shail Mohan 2017

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