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When you get off your plane for the connecting flight and find the place too beautiful, you regret not having planned for couple of days there as well. At least that’s what I felt when we reached Mahe airport in Seychelles. With mist covered mountain on one side and the sea on another, it presented a beautiful sight, a stark contrast to the boring tarmac.

Though the sea is not visible in the third picture above, it is there in the distance. And though the mist is not to be seen around the mountain top in the first, it was there the moment we arrived. I was hesitant to click pictures, it being an airport and all. That’s how we have been conditioned back home. But then it was obvious it was not the same here, people were merrily clicking and so I jumped in too, equally merrily.

We, that’s my sister-in-law and I (Yes, it’s an all-girls-party, what with the brothers loathe to travel) spent just an hour at the airport before we left for Destination Mauritius.

That’s all for today. The next few days will see more pictures doing the talking than words here at Shail’s Nest. You see, I am posting from my cell phone and unlike the young ‘uns mobile blogging IS rather tough for this oldie 😉

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