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Anyone who knows anything about me knows this that I LOVE trees which is why I was thrilled when the First Born said we were driving to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. (Ahh, so now you know why the blog is sort of neglected! I am away from home and Luci, in a different time zone altogether)

At the word ‘redwoods’ I went back all those years to the holiday afternoons I spent flipping through old editions of the National Geographic from my father’s bookshelf (he got them from his friend).  The one I frequently went back to, the most favorite of them all, was the edition that featured sequoia trees. Their majesty mesmerized me as nothing ever had. Still does.

The drive was pleasant enough. The son was extra cautious, taking the curves very very slowly, because unfortunately so, I suffer from motion sickness.  Even a slight elevation affects my ears and the curves make me feel nauseous. Tell me how unfair is that to someone who loves traveling? But, I was not going to let that come in the way. We stopped for a while by the wayside where the mosquitoes started singing in my ears and stinging the exposed areas of my skin. But the stop and the fresh air made things slightly better.

We were fortunate to get one of the last parking slots. We took one of the easier trails and O.M.G! Was I thrilled to be surrounded by my friends or what?! Of course I was. It felt like paradise to me and I didn’t want to come back at all.

Here are a few pictures I took along the Redwood Trail.








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