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She found it in the garden and immediately thought of Mom. A perfect gift. Gingerly she picked it up and excitedly ran inside. Mom was not in the kitchen as she usually was this time of the day. She made for the bedroom next. Mom wasn’t there either. The sound of water alerted her to the fact: Mom was having her evening bath. Nothing for it, but to wait for Mom to finish.

She jumped up when she heard the door opening, the gift well concealed. Mom smiled warmly on seeing her. She always did that. What is it, Mom asked. Why are you waiting here? Are you hungry? She found it difficult to answer Mom. So she merely opened her mouth and kept the gift at Mom’s feet. Here, Mom, for you. I found it in the garden.

She didn’t think Mom even heard her. There was an almighty shriek. Before she could collect her wits Mom had jumped right back into the bathroom, firmly shutting the door.

She was taken aback. Mom, what happened Mom? Didn’t you like my gift? But the door remained shut. What was worse, the ‘gift’, finding itself free of the cavernous cave where she was held prisoner, was trying to get away as unobtrusively as possible. Hey, where do you think you are going, she asked. Just then she saw Mom cautiously peeping through a crack in the door.

Mom, Mom, it’s only a frog, Mom. Don’t be afraid, she cried out reassuringlyShe quickly picked the frog up and brought it back to the door. Mom screamed and banged the door shut again. What’s more, she heard Mom calling Dad for help. Sheesh. Mom and her theatrics. A frog, for God’s sake! It was not as if it would bite Mom or something.

Hearing Mom, Dad came running like a knight in shining armor (minus armor of course, and horse too) and chased the frog out of the front door. It took some time though, the frog not being too bright, also not understanding Dad’s instructions, all the while trying to hide in dark corners rather than make for the open front door.

She sighed seeing it vanish down the steps and into the darkness of the garden. It had taken some dexterity to catch it for Mom, a big one, handsome too. Where do you find these things? Dad asked sounding cross. She didn’t deign to reply. She was done with the pair of them for the time being. Unappreciated, that’s what she felt hereabouts. She was going to sulk, and how. Umm.. well, till dinner time anyway.

©Shail Mohan 2017