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An observation.

Whenever a woman, who can no longer call herself young, talks of pursuing a new hobby, wears something of her choice that’s different from the traditional, expresses a wish to cut or color her hair (and more in the same vein), those around her, including members of her ‘loving’ family, are quick to say this:

You are now TOO OLD for these sort of things!”

But. There’s always a but, you bet.

When the said woman spends more and more time time doing the same old housework she has been doing from when she had been decades younger, no one so much as turns a hair. In fact, if she were to complain of aches and pains, or tiredness, how she thinks she is getting on in years, they smile dismissively, and without batting an eyelid send her off for another cup of tea/coffee plus some snacks too, if you please, with these words:

“Of course, not! You are still so young!”

Methinks, how can the same person be thought to be both young and old all at once? And there is this too: Why is she considered young when it comes to work, and old when she wants to follow her heart?

Irony, much?

Or should that be ‘Selfishness, much’?

Personally, I think the latter.

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