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My new house-help does not like dogs. Just typing this out seems like sacrilege. Not LIKE dogs! How can it be? How can anyone not like dogs? Look at that face above. Can you even think of NOT liking it?

So I was almost confident Luci would bring her around and make another minion out of her when she started work. But no, such was not to be. The first day Luci ran to her and with great confidence, sat down in front of her, for pats and belly-rubs. But the woman drew back. Then very reluctantly she stretched her hand to touch Luci’s forehead with her fingertips. That was it.

Luci couldn’t believe what had just happened. Really? This was it? No more? I had to drag her away, my bad back and all, so the woman could step inside. The picture above is of Luci sitting on the stairs and looking down at the help with a puzzled air. Why? What did I do wrong? Why don’t you like me? I love you already! Labradors, I tell you, such drama queens.

Luci sulked for two whole days, didn’t touch her food, and finally on the third day, she accepted defeat.  Even then, she goes running to welcome the help every morning. But when the woman waves her hand to indicates she should stay away, and adds “Po! Po! Po!” (Go, go, go) for good measure, Luci turns around and quietly walks away.

My heart breaks watching that scene. I realized it is not fear, which could at least have been overcome, but the woman actually disliked dogs.

Difficult as it is for a dog lover like me to understand how anyone can ever dislike dogs, I have to accept we are not all alike. I love dogs, she dislikes them with the same passion. I dislike spiders and lizards, but I know there are many, Count Bawa being one of them, who find them adorable.

So there it is. No use exclaiming over these things or getting worked up. We all have our different likes and dislikes and it would be easier on all of us if we accept those differences and move on. Luci, wisely so, has. Two days later, there she was, eating her food, wandering with the squeaky toy in her mouth, trying to tempt us into swiping it from her and not letting us, a game she relishes.

She still runs to welcome the help, her tail wagging for all its worth. But when shooed away, she walks away with dignity, and instead of moping, gets busy with other things. Dogs are wise, so very wise.

©Shail Mohan 2016

Day 6 NaBloPoMo 2016

Update: Luci with her old friend. This is what she’s missing now.