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Someone: Hello!

Me: You!

Someone: Yes, me.

Me: Why the hell did you have to come now?

Someone: Looks like you aren’t too happy to see me.

Me: Can’t you see I have work to do?

Someone: Can’t you put off your work for one day …one evening rather, and give me some of your time and attention?

Me: Why should I? You are such a pain, a nuisance too. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Someone: Tut tut. Don’t talk to old friends in this manner. We go back a long way.

Me: Walking in whenever you please as if you own the place, inconveniencing me at every opportunity. Just get lost, won’t you?!

Someone: Is this any way to talk to a friend? No one has stuck with you through thick and thin like I have.

Me: I can very well do without friends of your sort. Gah!

Someone: Sigh. You can say whatever you want. It sure hurts me, bu….

Me: Hurt? What the hell do you know about hurts? YOU are the one hurting me every chance you get.

Someone: Like I was saying when you rudely interrupted, it hurts me when you talk so, but then I cannot just walk away from you. That’s not how I am made.

Me: OMG. When will I ever be free? Will I be ever free at all of this, this, this….  abomination, this horrible headache!

Someone: Go on, call me names and hurt me some more. Sigh. But remember, whatever you say or do, I’ll never leave you. Ever.

Me:  That’s what I feared you’d say. *sob sob*

This friend of mine is a real pest, that is apart from being a pain, and most often drops in unannounced. And today just as I opened my laptop to write the blog-post for the day, there was the ‘friend’, demanding attention. So, this is only what I have on offer today, my conversation with said friend. Now, I have no other recourse but to go entertain, though much against my will. Sigh. Double, triple (and more) sighs. But let’s see how the ‘never leaving’ part holds up against an analgesic 😉

©Shail Mohan 2016