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In the beginning there had been doubts, would I be able to stick to the routine for a whole month, or whether I even wanted to, routine being anathema to me. Then came the tentative but successful start, the first full-month of blogging. More successful months followed. The initial shiver of apprehension was long gone, to be replaced by one of thrilled anticipation each time a monthly challenge was accepted.

Then one day it happened, just as I had secretly dreaded.

I had to stop midway and give up on a monthly blogging bout. Did you just say, ‘That’s okay, such things happen. Better luck next time!’?

Er.. umm, try telling that to my Inner Voice who is rather a tyrant. Much to my chagrin I also found it was a dissuad-er par excellence. Each time I tried to make a comeback after that first (and only) no-show, I was dissuaded. Nah. What if. Don’t. It might happen again and how are you going to feel when it does? You, my dear, cannot, so better not try. Rather than starting and having to leave halfway it is better not attempting at all. Just don’t 

Shiver me timbers if it was not starting to get on my nerves! The next time around, I was ready with my answer:

Tchah!‘ I said to the Inner Voice in no uncertain terms, a shiver running up my spine at my own daring. Taken aback at this unconventional and unexpected retort, Inner Voice retreated to mull things over.

And that’s how it happens that I am back to daily blogging for the month of September. I am going to take it one day at a time and hope I can. But if I know myself (and I do, pretty well at that) I am like the dog with a bone in its mouth, not about to give up without putting up a real fight.

©Shail Mohan 2016

Daily Prompt: Shiver