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my purpose 
to perch on a branch
look fluffy and cute
for her to click
…or so she thinks!

When I read all those quotes about the purpose of life from the great, not-so-great and everyone else in between, I am curious about HOW they KNOW. I mean, just how did they arrive at their answers, that wisdom in so many words they readily share with us with so much certainty? Have they lived an earlier life and remember the experience enough to enlighten us in this life? Or do they have a direct line to their creator?

One can make guesses, speculate even, but to state with certainty that THIS IS the purpose of life, is that really possible? Methinks not. One says it is to serve, another that it is to love, yet another talks of showing compassion and helping others as true purpose and some others are sure it is to be happy. It could be all of those, it could be none. They are admirable goals to have in life, but as purpose of life, I will give them a miss.

On a clear night, when I gaze at the star-studded sky, the question inevitably surfaces, what IS the purpose of our existence. The sky does that to you. Maybe it is the vastness of it and one’s own comparitive insignificance that brings on the question. But all said and done, at the back of my mind is the certain knowledge that we are all organisms, our purpose is to live as best as we can in tune with our surroundings, and when we die, we are recycled back into the universe.

Daily Prompt: Purpose

@Shail Mohan 2016