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Once years back, the house-help took out her anger against the ‘Madam’ in the neighboring house she worked in by banging pots and pans in my house. She also answered me rudely for no reason. I was firm with her:  You don’t get to throw temper tantrums in my house because someone else has annoyed you. If you are angry with someone, show your anger to THEM. As long as I am civil to you, you’ll be civil to me. Is that understood? 

I refuse to be anyone’s punching bag. Not family, not friends (the online variety too) If anyone wants to let off steam about what infuriated them, I am willing to be a listener. They are welcome to share with me, talk to me, rant and rave against whatever, whoever is annoying them. Let’s be angry together. But, biting my head off so you can feel good, is not an option at all. And no I refuse to buy excuses of ‘I was angry at the time’. Have I infuriated you with my actions? Then I accept your anger against me. By no means am I going to be ‘used’ as stand in for someone else. That’s my strict policy.

This brings to mind another thing, how people sometimes describe short-tempered people as ‘golden-hearted’. It is true they have a temper, people say, but they are good at heart. Like, really? If they really had a good heart why would they shout at innocent people? So, no siree. Don’t try to sell ME that stupid story.

I’ll tell you my version of it. People who are short-tempered are selfish to the core because they care only about their own feelings (oh I am so angry that I need to chew someone’s head, NOW!) and nothing about who they hurt. If afterwards they are extra nice to everyone does that make them ‘goodhearted? Balderdash. Don’t make me laugh. Actually this view expressed by any in my presence makes me seethe. It is true no one has been injured so far as a result, but nothing can be said for sure about the future.

By the way, ‘angry’ is not a word I’d ordinarily choose to describe myself. I rarely get angry and even when I do, there is no real danger, no reason for anyone to run for cover for my anger is strictly confined to and directed at only the source of my annoyance. And today the source of annoyance is myself. I have not been writing much. I do have genuine reasons, but excuses have been piling up in my head too. So wisely (or foolishly) I have decided to take up the daily prompt. Today’s word happens to be ‘angry‘. I do hope I can keep up for the month. Here’s wishing myself some much needed luck and hoping I can do it!

©Shail Mohan 2016